ABC Adventures Educational Book Series


I was asked to illustrate 3 characters for ABC Adventures Compass Kids Series. The characters consisted of an African American Boy, an Caucasian Girl and a Monster. Originally, they were only going to introduce each chapter and some of the games inside the books. I was thrilled to hear that the publisher liked the characters so much that I was chosen to illustrate the covers as well as represent the series.

In total, I illustrated the 3 book covers and 12 character poses. Each book comes with a DVD in which a child can choose one of the characters to learn and play with. Overall, I loved working with the publishers and the printing turned out great for all of the books!

All images and characters are copyrighted by Compass Publishing

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Inside Stuff


A quick sketch to convey the idea and off to the final rendering.

Characer Poses

These are just a few of the many poses I created for the book.