Jason Dove

Artist | Designer | Illustrator

I am a full time Illustrator working out of Cleveland, Ohio.
There, I have worked for American Greetings since 2004. I am a
Senior Illustrator, working primarely on Kids and Humor card
illustrations. Many of my designs are seen in Walmart and Target

I am also represented by Tugeau 2, in the area of children’s
publishing. I have been with them since 2012. In that time, I have
worked with many different clients, creating book covers, book
illustrations, magazine covers, branding for children’s products
and many other illustrations.

Below is a list of the clients I have worked for.

For a more descriptive understanding of my qualifications, you can
check me out on linkedin.

● Scholastic, Inc.
● McGraw_Hill Education
● Hyland’s 4Kids
● Cricket Media, Inc.
● Compass Publishing
● Zondervan-HarperCollins Publishers
● Trillium Publishing
● Learning A-Z
● Wireless Generation
● Catapult Learning
● Pearson Education, Inc.